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Re: Lugh players, introduce yourselves!

Hello guys, I'm kennywOw, started in Lugh since 2012-2013. With many other alts. Around 2014Mid-2015 Moved to Arawn. Used to kill lots of scrubs in Arena along with tzunami and dany9898. Was really fun. reason for leaving Lugh. Hated by many, especially o8o. Had a huge fight with him/her. Anyways I'...

kennywOw is Back & Selling & Buying

Selling battlemist diamond bow (red), Black ardmair mask, Turquoise hunter top, Turquoise spidersilk top, legs, boots, Black spidersilk pants, Black highlander set, Sparkling Black and White Winterstave, Blue Spidersilk set no bootsAll Original(Non-AEON), ANCIENT Resurrection idols 1K each(Full Revi...


******** Arawn's notorious scammer! Even though im not a victim, many of my clan mates have been scammed!
Just to spread awareness~

Re: Selling

Hi aranox i mailed you ingame too.
i want to buy 2 oaks 1 sun 1 elm, 5.5k thank you

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