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Re: Revival Chests

I disagree I think these chests were a great start to the new platform update and should most def be brought back. Idk where this feedback of removingcame from unless it was fashion hoarders but it shouldn't be removed. These are pixels of data people, let others have an opportunity at them instead ...

Re: Tokens

Prices very too much based on color in Rhiannon. Usually red is 10k or so a piece and black and white is upwards of 100-250 (sometimes 400) a piece

Re: Most active server

I am in one of the generals in the clan Outliers. The clan InnerCircle is the current lead clan, but we are continuously growing, and getting better every day. We don't allow gladdy killings, both clans outliers and inner circle, don't allow raid loot selling. over the last few months things have be...

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