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Re: What happens to CH when...

Guess I’m in the minority who won’t even consider touching Warhammer. I don’t see a reason to trust that the devs will run it any better than CH has been run. There are several fixable problems with CH that go ignored (and have since before we knew of WH development), and server issues continue to p...

Re: Bt event

Rogue4Life wrote:same here 0 helms and so many trash ammys and charms ( add in upgrade system plse)

It’s not like they don’t have the ability...

Re: Bloodthorn bash

MrScar wrote:Start farming now and you wont have that issue :lol:

So if your thinking max 18 raids and 4 pots per raid, people have 3 days to farm 72 pots each for BT.

I have over 300 saved cause I don’t like having to farm them right before raids. Look like the cost of BT pots is about to rise lol

Re: Requesting transparency regarding 'rare' mob spawns

The items are still on the loot table and the mob that drops them has an extremely rare chance to appear. Whilst I'm grateful for the response, I don't think this really adresses the problems we are having. What is the purpose of making a spawn so infrequent that it will likely never be seen? You c...

Re: Quality of Life Improvements

Once upon a time I played another MMORPG called Parallel Kingdoms. If I could bring one thing forward to CH, it would be 'gear memory scrolls'. They could be set to remember equipment or jewelery or both. I think every CH player would rejoice at bring able to change armor/jewels/(fash?) With the pr...

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