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Re: Tokens

Or just add any new fashion to the vendor and make the tokens worth something again, at the very least. Add new fash. Ok, that’s 1 set of pink tokens down, 500 to go. And what if you don’t like the fash? The tokens will still be worthless to you. Chests (that are paid for with money and/or time) sh...

Re: Tokens

Getting things that arent useful at all makes people more hesitant to buy chests. Removing the vastly overpoppulated fash tokens or replacing them with something that would be more universally useful could make them a bit more worth buying for some players.


Since VR says that they are re balancing chests how about this..... Remove fashion tokens from the next update. Make the fash vendor a part of the bounty shop and make it so that you can buy the fash with bounty tokens. Just make the pieces of each color cost a different amount of tokens. You alread...

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