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Re: Surgery

Nose surgery twice,
Eye lasering and jaw...

I think eye surgery hurts the most but is so short, only took like 10 mins

Hope you get better soon and dont forget to do sports after you got healthy!

Re: Discussing the difference between CH and other games.

Thats what i liked about the dungeons on oac, Every single player had to do a great job, no time for afking or being a little noob... Lets be honest, the high lvl Ch players only do these stupid Raid bosses for 2 reasons... 1. just so the other clans can't get the boss 2. for the drops... (Which suc...

Re: Kinda boring...

Spoons give more DPS since they're much faster ;) Idk what could be done to "spice it up" but maybe some feat list would be awesome. Lordy you remind me of a hilarious Video... I don't know if you guys know the 'The Horribly Slow Murderer with the Extremely Inefficient Weapon by Richard G...

Kinda boring...

This warrior forum used to be fun, now its just topics like
'Axe or Spoon, what gives more dps?'

Kinda sad, i used to click multiple times on warrior forums! Is there anything we can do to spice it a bit up?!

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