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Re: Global Castle feedback

Thats nice Bob, but still I would my graphic settings to work in all areas. Sucks to have to change settings for one particular area (and graphic settings wont fix the spam anyways) I am using IphoneX and Ipad 5. Used to have max graphic settings but pets set to mine. Been running like a clock at ge...

Re: Dice hacking?

why not play a game if you have a certain profession? That post didnt make any sense at all.. Its usually people who can hack games that hacks them..people who cant hack games dont hack them..

Re: # ill buy 4000 platin

Ill have to agree with Warsong here. As an old mmo-player I get pretty confused when the term zerg is used for whatever messy fight. However, Warsong, we just have to be down with the kids and accept that as we cant build a level 1 paladin loh zerg chain in CH we just have to live with the fact that...

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