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Re: Ability Training

So this is what I did. 1.) Unequiped all gear to minimize damage/attack. 2.) buy some sort of haste such as ring, gloves etc. 3.) buy the fastest axe you can (also keep the damage into consideration) 4.) find the best training dummies you can find, either castle, tower ley in ow and infernal floor. ...

Re: Energy regeneration

I also had the same problem as you. I was near your lvl and we did not have pets. I invested in the Otherworld braces that adds 10 energy regeneration and 150 total energy. Used that until I got lvl 100 energy brace. Got rid of it eventually. Also if you straight lix, no bosses, farming, etc. Just d...

Buying and Selling!

- Eldriche dagger of spite lvl 180
- sigils
- lixes

- quartermasters skull cap
- teal imp charm
- black skull mask
- idols

Pm on band or IG name: CrimsonKnight

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