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New clan- FairyTail!!!

Hello everyone! FairyTail is a brand new clan and we are eagerly accepting new players! We also welcome alts from other clans and unclanned players. I have 4 main goals for FairyTail: 1) To provide a clan where beginning players can learn how to interact, play and progress threw the warden/meteoric ...

Re: The hard part?

The evades suck for sure but what really bothers me most about the class is the damage variation. I can go from hitting a 7.1k firebolt to a 3.1k bolt without doing anything different. If we have evades in the first place, we should have more consistant damage output to compensate.

Re: Should there be a Nature Magic Attunement skill?

Give druids the magic lure, it's such a waste on mages I've not met 1 mage that uses it. Only time i use it is if i restat to lure it on bosses and even then its not a priority compaired to other lures. Druids should have the lure, absolutly. Also if we could merge the lures and wards it would be g...

Re: skills on drag armor

SolidScorpion wrote:Personally I think they should let us choose our five skills for bonuses, putting this in feedback and suggest!

we said that in beta but otm prefered this way of doing it. :(

Re: FFA rules!

insain, you have to stop this. you were a part of eve once, tried to get back, and we couldnt let you in again after all the drama and nastyness you caused and you said you understood and it was deserved at the time. If this hate towards eve is bitterness, then i get it- but your not a little kid, y...

Re: The Truth


RaptureLITE's bank stock was almost completly from raptureeve bank (arwen) and private donations FROM EVES that would have gone to main bank anyway, the only items that were not from eves were a few pieces donated by you when you were not in clan.


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