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Re: Aren't admin supposed to stop this rather than make excu

Sort out my own issues don't go running to mummy and daddy?? He's 30 levels above me and killing the game for me No it didn't help. My solution is much simpler than having bigger boys sort him out. Yes so I've let him win and he might do it to someone else once I've deleted my character. But who car...

Re: Have I got this muddled up?

I might do. I'm so peeved with admin right now. They just seem indifferent to everything. I asked them if it was a coding error and they ignored me. The gold isn't a problem, I regained it by lending my gf a regen amulet for a while lolol And the weapon has gone. I was tempted to do what was done to...

Have I got this muddled up?

Someone offered me a weapon called a faerie splitter, I think it was called that. I beat them down a little on the price, after having a good look at it in the trade window. Now... After purchasing it, I noticed the description now said "remaining uses 7" It didn't say that in the trade wi...

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