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Re: Ice Dragon or Ice Phoenix?

Dragon 100% -) crit skill bump has a noticeable impact on crits. This isn’t alone enough to justify the pet but does go to amplify what it can do -) skill - the skill is actually pretty powerful and does consistent decent damage. Phoenix on the other hand doesn’t really have too much going for it p...

What Tablet should I buy?

Hi, I’ve been playing ch on my iPhone 5 for awhile but ever since update ive been lagging and getting kicked out of game, i think it’s time for a upgrade but I don’t know which iPad to buy should I buy the IPad Pro or the IPad 5th gen, are there any iPad pros or iPad 5th gen users out there that can...

HELP! Can’t log in

I’ve posted this under all the unity issue topics but no one responds. I’ve been trying to log into Celtic heroes since 3:30 am EST I’ve tried everything.. I updated to IOS 12 I deleted a bunch of apps in cache I’ve restarted my phone and redownladed Celtic heroes more than 10 times but I still can’...

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