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Floor boss question

Hey I’m lvl 219 and I find it hard to find players to help me with floor bosses on floor 6 and 5 as anyone ever soloed those 6 bosses? And if you did what gear should I get?

What gear should I invest on?

Hi, I have a question if any dps Druids out there can help im a level 216 druid and I’m stuck on what gear I should save up for. Right now this is my gear. Royal Lighting strike helm (vit one) Edl mainhand Edl offhand Occult BP EDL LEGS EDL HANDS OCCULT BOOTS Imperial agrestal ammy Royal silverweb c...

Re: Holiday Season

Good news is we are very close to the release of the Winter Update with only a few more changes needed prior to launch, so close in fact I am finishing the social media and store assets for launch right now.

^^^ does this mean new chests will be coming out before New Years? January 1st?

Best setup for lure monkey

Hi, Once my main is 220 I was thinking of creating. a mage that is useful at bosses since my clan lacks mages who only lure or have too keep alting and was curious what gear and items I’d need to buy/earn be a good lure monkey for my clan at edl and eg bosses. Do I max all lure skills? Or only some ...

Support Druid help

Hey, I'm a level 181 Druid and I help at locking snorri and sreng but when a 6 spawns most of my comrades die I was wondering what skills I need to use when I help with those 6 star bosses. At the moment these are the skills im using Natures touch 50/40 - 2298 heal Shield bark 45/40 - 717 armor Natu...

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