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Re: Logging not works

Please provide us with some additional information to look into the issue faster: Are you logging in using Facebook or Username/Password? What server did you last play on? Are you connected to WifI or cellular connection? I’m logging in using username & password, I was playing on arawn cooking ...

Re: Patch Notes: Version 3.4.1C

Hi Can anyone tell me how much knuckles blade speed? If its faster than 1570 then player can reach max speed with haste ring. If it slower then they have to use haste lix so its useless bc dagger is same speed with higher dmg. I dont know bt h2h ring exist or not. ( I hope yes). If exists which ski...

Re: A Beast Awakens

Hello Heroes, The bridge to the Northern Peninsula has undergone finally been repaired and travelers from across Dal Riata are eager to visit. However, all of the commotion has awoken a cunning arcane dragon who has taken up residence within the ruins! How long the beast has been there is a mystery...

Re: Favorite fash

Fashion set #1 (better on females)
Black lugh mask
Effect black regalia top
Effect black regalia bottom
Effect regalia boots
Effect regalia gloves

Fashion set #2
Frosty black midwinter hat
Effect auroral top
Effect auroral bottom
Effect auroral gloves
Effect auroral boots

Re: Question about focus

For mages, I have a dps calculator that helps answer that. I'm currently working on a dps druid one but I have to rework a lot the formulas first and write up a couple from scratch so may be a while. Have you created the calculator yet ? For what class? I’ve had a mage calculator for 3 years now Fo...

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