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Re: Spiritseed or Shrive Set

Shrive set is better with a garanak ring, Skain ammy and misc for most focus gain but in my opinion it’s much better if you use an Imperial Agrestal ammy (200 focus / 120 vit +640 nature magic) royal Silverweb charm of earth (120 focus +8 vines / Ls) And a Corruption ring (50/50 focus/vit 500 nature...

Re: Ice Dragon or Ice Phoenix?

Dragon 100% -) crit skill bump has a noticeable impact on crits. This isn’t alone enough to justify the pet but does go to amplify what it can do -) skill - the skill is actually pretty powerful and does consistent decent damage. Phoenix on the other hand doesn’t really have too much going for it p...

What Tablet should I buy?

Hi, I’ve been playing ch on my iPhone 5 for awhile but ever since update ive been lagging and getting kicked out of game, i think it’s time for a upgrade but I don’t know which iPad to buy should I buy the IPad Pro or the IPad 5th gen, are there any iPad pros or iPad 5th gen users out there that can...

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