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Re: Better tanking ammy?

In the new event lux shop I think that the vit and focus ammy is the best for tanking gives a skill that increases all evasions by 1000, plus as a tank you don't really have much use for 150 strength points so it's just a waste I'd much rather get 150 focus as I find I always run out of energy reall...

Re: Rare items you have

All Yuletide 2012 helpers hats Yuletide hat 2011 Witches hat 2011 Snowman head 2011 Mighty fur helm of the frozen wastes All ice Lord and winter king weapons for warrior 2011 Dark flame gloves, boots, helm and legs All Yule 2012 staves Pumpkin helmet 2011 Superior volcanic axe Grand cane of bats Wan...

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