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Re: AP Chemistry National Exams!

Atleast you arent taking spanish xD heard that one was hard...im dreading AP chem and European History next year...more of AP chem since EH was introduced for this year and i dont have any friends for reference on the curriculum etc... XD plus ik the teacher (had him my sophmore year) and hes a god ...

Re: Skill interruption

My roots is L1 but i do have a royal roots ring equipped, i first noticed it in shalemont on my current druid and it still works in sv...i than tried it on my 107 druid in ow and it works

Re: Insidious 3

Well its definetly not a scary movie but something thats kept me up at night is the tellitubbies...idk if its just me but they are creepy and scary looking af and imagining them in a scary movie with a twisted plot... o.0 (i mean scary movies arent really scary sooooo...my imagination has to do some...

Re: What Is Truth About A Ranger?

Ranger tank build is beast in pvp once had 10k health and easy kills :) Against who? Did u try ranger tank vs warrior tank? Did u use a bow? If not, did u try fighting an actual pvp mage/druid? Idk his build but markusarilius on sulis has a pretty bad_ _ _ build...that he is able to switch from bow...

Re: Skill interruption

Its official roots doesnt get interrupted...i had 2 mobs on me and i wasnt able to cast vines right away (it got interrupted) and some how so did swarm xD but roots stood true and was able to cast...

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