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Re: Witch Dead

I don't know how many times this has been said before, but this witch boss is a beta boss and basically a test to see how the game runs when so many people are all together in one area. In my opinion it's dumb and rushed, they should've made a real beta. We should just boycot this whole Arena raid.

Re: The Dino raid.

2- you totally missunderstand the point being made. Most servers struggle with slash nukes because that relies almost solely on dps gele axe warriors. Unless that war also runs taunt they will regularly be tp because of low agro meaning slash nukes will consistantly explode possibly ending the raid...

Re: Against the dominance

Dont get me wrong here, I am not hating on Epona. Just looking at the activity of the server shows that it works and it has so many positive sides. I was simply giving an example why people could not like rolling for drops, this was exactly the reason why Lugh's system changed. It became unfair in t...

Re: Against the dominance

So i am seeing that its getting heated and still not really good solution to Defeat the dominance, So for all the people that say dominance is the key to make the server better, i will show you benefits if a server becomes open like epona. - everyone can enjoy the game (most important one). - gathe...

Re: Favorite fash

I have a few. Huntsman/lugh mask with ardmair woad and gloves, hunter/lanrik pants and boots. Or lugh mask/phoenix crest, ardmair woad and gloves with glenmor pants and boots. Or or dark rider top and gloves with lanrik pants and boots. Dark rider blooddust ofcourse, when playing on a noob toon it g...

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