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Re: friendzoned

pigman wrote:
Godly wrote:yeah i was about to go make a post "you can be replaced anyways" then ignore her because she flirts with me alot then friendzones me .

Dont be the git that subtweets/subposts

Swallow your pride and accept she doesnt want you

Ah! so your a swallower :lol:

Re: Is it still worth it?

Im new and got a few questions. Guess my questions are, is it worth putting my time and money into this game, does it get updated frequently? Still a large population of people playing low and high lvled? Is it still competitive, I know this game had been out for awhile now. Thanks in advance!! Wel...

How Multicultural is Gwydion?

So I do know that Celtic Heroes is accessible world wide provided with decent wifi, But I was just curious .... Where is everyone playing from?!? All I want to know is what country you all are at, no further detail needed unless you know ... you wanted to ... "Say Hello". So I made a straw...

Re: How is this 'Scamming'?

Aha dude, don't listen to the talk about morals. You keeping the items rightfully given to you didn't "ruin his gameplay experience". If he was dumb enough to trade you items before making a deal, he ruined his own experience and learned a lesson. If he didn't learn a lesson, make other h...

Re: Open beta

i have downloaded beta but my toon not on there. in clan message it said to contact admin in beta forum, i do not have access, to any of the links sent in the email can you help Ik why you repeated your msg three times..... Bc ur Tr1nity as in three, thats why you posted it three times :lol: :lol: ...

Buying Not selling :3

Hey guys so i hit 180 and buying these stuff:

180 Runic Ring
180 Spell-wrought Bp
180 Spell-wrought dagger
Knows 4k
Restos 250 each (buying 200)
10 common vials
Good charm (The misc not fash)
Anything you might think a 180 rogue should have :)

Ty - FangBlader

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