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Re: Restart for 1.5x exp?

Either way this unorganized way of resetting is stupid. Sometimes the unexpected happens, even to proffesionals like otm/vr .. and im sure they doing it for the better for servers or game or what ever it might be im sure its for a good cause. Now you expressing your anger towards them wont speed th...

Re: Progress

Will this beta be for specific devices or all? And is it just gonna be a test for the unity (im assuming graphics changes etc) to see how the game runs or will there be any changes to the current live game in it aswell Very good point currently the game runs fine on older devices, Apple has said th...

Re: Clan Farming?

Eragon123 wrote:So people would all contribute gold to the "buyout the lux shop" pool, then what, roll for the drops? What happens if a reaper ring shows up? Clan leaders decide who gets? It's rolled too?

Same here.. i dont understand fully

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