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Re: All Servers are Broke

Before everyone goes for the pitchforks, check the news. Thailand got hit hard. Hope everyone on the VR team and their families are okay. Lots and lots of flooding. https://i.postimg.cc/QtPZC0bs/F4-C6-EF0-A-1-ADE-4899-A47-A-75-F311-EADB44.png Like said let’s pray all VR is safe as for those of us w...

Re: Double Plat and 1.5x XP

Schwing wrote:I think at this point we can safely assume that Difinitus had a mishap with the month, either that or he is in fact Marty McFly and is upto shenanigans. Both are plausible so best to make your own minds up.

Why not add 25-30% sale on Heroic Combos in plat shop while you at it? 8-)

Re: Heroic Combination elixir

Eragon123 wrote:
MrScar wrote:Add heroic wisdom elixitr in the heroic combination elixir.
As it is now it doesnt give faster abilities at all.

It already boosts ability gains.

How come you can use heroic wisdom lix above heroic combination lix... and in the description it doesnt mention ability gains.. unlike the super combo

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