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Old players?

So, who still plays from people who I know? Undinism here of course. Wish whoever stole all of my gear (trade, sell, swap, whatever) would tell me haha. I literally have no care who took it, would be just good for curiosity sake. :P Don't really get much spare time these days. My wife is manager of ...

Re: Amount of gold held

28 Mil on my undinism account back in the day but vast majority was always under a million as I prefer to buy stuff that helps me and others, I probably spent more gearing up guild members and friends than on myself. In fact, definitely.

Re: x2 Plat

By time it comes you might have enough for a full plat purchase! You need to ask your parents for more if they won't give you the rest ;)

Re: Mail Bug Otm Please Fix

This bug has been in the android destiny engine for the 8 months since I first started playing. Idk if it will get fixed, but hopefully it does. It's annoying, not knowing if someone has sent you mail or the icon appears for no reason. And yes, all mail has been deleted, and support tickets have bee...

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