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Re: Sneaky attack useful?

Like everything else, it depends. My build is mainly around increasing auto attack dmg for lvling with full obsidian armor and using hastes - with this build i would rather use posoin weapon as it will do better dmg over time with haste. If you care about PVP and/or are str build and don't care abou...

Rare XP Mob Spawns

I haven't been able to find a post or site that shows the location of rare xp mob locations. Please post screenshot of location, mob name, and lvl if you know (doesn't necessarily have to have the rare xp mob in the screenshot).

Skill/Abilities for Rogue lvl <100

I have seen a lot of posts about dex rogues for lvling, but all of them seem to be referencing levels >100. For my rogue that is currently only lvl 30, should I forget about dex for now and pump points into str/vit only? Also, what skills should I be making priority? (I am assuming this will change ...

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