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Final goodbyes. I quit the game around a mont ago. I want to tell the forums. Was fun/ish. Good-luck to you all. I'm never visiting this forum again :)

Re: PvP Warrior vs Rogue

I hate it when mages have freeze, two freezes is deadly, three is just op... Wait what. How do people get three freezes. Idk if it works, but there are 2 different freezing mounts. I would think it dosent work(atleast not very practical in pvp), the cooldown time when you equipe another mount will ...

Re: what do I do???

Sell ur diamond top heroic gloves and boots. Get full zodiac and start on frozen. With the money buy royal ss and haste ring. Also u could sell your dagger, buy axe and then buy lvl 100 regen brac to cover up for the energy regen I am going to try to get adamant top I like my heroic gloves Maybe i ...

Re: Egyptians post

circumcision is because we as humans are really mutant apes and one of the drawbacks to our mutant state is messed up genitals. The foreskin is often very problematic in our subspecies of homo erectus. Oh God not a Darwin fan boy. Go back to the ocean where you supposedly came from. HAHAHAH!!! evol...

Re: Duskshadow Armor Quests

DontHate wrote:
Pierced wrote:yeh, its gone. older players who have the red looking set, i think is "spirit shadow" is the best one. was looking forward to getting my druid a set :/ had a focus boost

You can still get spiritshadow in ow, just requires rare drops

oh really?

Re: DOS mode?

You guys think the spammer is a single person? You are kidding yourselves. Anyone who has run a phbb knows that unless your settings are good you will get spammers every day without anyone even knowing your board exists! Its simple spam bots have just been upgrated universally and it just so happen...

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