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Re: Dino Dead on epona again

Epona’s too powerful for CH now :lol:. CH can’t design bosses without Epona smashing them and some other worlds unable to take them. Maybe the Dev’s are gonna need to start alting Bosses stats per server strength and number of drops too. 3 is meh.

Re: What happened to Avalon?

Hey Songz, good to see ya bud. I see. Suppose Raid Gear was always how they stayed ahead. Musta been pissed that they were able to lose to store-bought gear. I stopped playing the game for a while and stopped using the Forums pretty much altogether. Rhiannon is not what it once was and is no longer ...

Server Xfers?

Hey guys. Been playing here a fair bit recently, plugging away to get to endgame.

Just wondering, how many other OG Players have xferred to Epona? Any names that I’ll remember?

Look forward to seeing y’all in game!

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