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Re: Economies

@bobthemage, You are completely correct RE clan atmosphere. On taranis we had an open market clan which sold eg drops while the other clan had full dkp and did not sell drops. (Both clans fought for gele) We kept clan atmosphere and also promoted players to buy plat. That’s didn’t last however and n...

Re: Economies

Please do read above message, I believe it is basic ch economic analysis that every clan should know. It makes sense if you think about it. Also RE dkp system, how many of us know of certain items which NEVER get bid on? I bet myself and others could list 90% of entire loot list. But what is junk to...

Re: Economies

Big no to “fixing” the market. Market reflects the state of the server. Epona is an open server. Players sell raid gear and this promotes people to buy plat in order to bid for that gear. Most servers that allow ZERO trade on EG items are the ones suffering. And the ones to blame are the clans that ...

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