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Re: UPDATE 4 the Solo Spear rogue.

I dont really have the time to read all of that guide, but what is do u think is better for me I currently use dagger, lvl 125+ rogue All my skills dont depend on any specific weapon Shadowstrike Quickstrike Fast reflexes Life steal (25/30) Riposte (20/30) Im a mixed build Str - 230(300) Dex - 230(...

Re: smoke bomb usage for soloing?

FriendlyHoboMan wrote:
Michael_XXX wrote:Pick up sneaky or double attack in my opinion

Sneaky Attack is way under rated.

Aren't those skills more spear based though ?_?

Well, considering sneaky is a dagger-only skill, no. Double attack is viable with daggers if you have a slow dagger like ancient bone.

Re: 'Raids' expect too much

All they need to do is remove things like focus halberds and spring of life skulls that no one will ever use. Also, we really only need a void tier, not three. Also, drop rates of things like spears, books, and helms could be improved; we don't need that many rings. One more thing would be to up it ...

Re: Fearsome Foe Competition - Win rare unique prizes!

The fight begins with entering a randomized labyrinth in which all speed boosts are disabled. The team must make it through fighting mobs on the way. Mobs could include lost souls and death reapers. After making it through the labyrinth, you would fight a Minotaur. Skills could be something like pow...

Re: who is best for lvling?

Rogues leveling with rogues is absolutely fantastic. If you get it just right, you can manage to trade off aggro to minimize damage taken for each person. Also, the kills are extremely fast. However, I still enjoy soloing; add a bit more vit, maybe use some restos, change your skills. There's a lot ...

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