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Selling Fashion!

Selling Red Ardmair Pants, bracers, boots Red Glenmor boots, gloves, hat Red Spidersilk gloves, mask, pants *2 Orange Glenmor gloves and pants Orange Hunter Boots Orange Spider mask, boots, gloves Full Orange Spidersilk Set Yellow Ardmar boots and bracers Yellow Glenmor Top *3, boots, and hat Full ...

What Y'all think about this War?

In my Own opinion, this war is pretty big in the World of Sulis. Everyone is affected it has bubbled down to really only 4 Clans. (Ret,Trans,Jah,EP.) Not saying EP has a large play in this war bc they arent involved and tend to stay uninvolved. No other world is having the problems we are having. Th...

Re: Declaration of War?

There has been war in sulis since the very first KS. people just dont get allong. plain and simple. Well the KS is nothing anymore. No one is really mad about Necro anymore its all down to the fact that Ks'ing between the clans are still going on. Ik that Both clans do it so no one is innocent anym...

Re: Oh Jah.... Why

Oh gosh u are so pathetic. its not just ur business. And ill make it my own.

You are all fighting over this. Just stop.

Your clan just makes all kind of mistakes.

Re: Why the fights?

LMAO, u r no one to comment on anything, i have never seen u on server. so stop actiong like ur apart of it. and it is Bungle, he is the one that came with the idea to Blockade Necro, so i think i would know. I believe myself no ret. Not only have i seen screenchots but its Commonly known in server....

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