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Re: Gender Change

idk about a lot of people as I have heard this first time but I do know someone on Epona wants to change their mage from male to female because he doesn’t like being a male mage ;) But since we on stuff like this can we also add class change? would definitely save a lot of time starting new class .....

Re: Goblins gone?

Unfortunately that quest was part of a seasonal event, and only lasted a few months. It's unfortunate that you weren't able to complete the quest in time - it's happened to me several times as well! A few months as in nearly a year Player referred to “white crown” which is a quest that was in 2012-...

Re: Witch event opest

klv wrote:Please move the boss to lirs, so everyone can participate

I don’t see how location of the boss will prevent you from participating. I think this boss is designed to be killed in global area.. which lirs isn’t and making lirs global will mess with the currently existing dragon boss at northern pen

Re: Update

Now this is something i can agree big times!! The gap in gear from level 1-180 is crazy. It’s like there is no good or useful gear for a lot of classes which is very much needed to progress to the end game and attend this type of events. In my opinion the best event till this day is the Garanak (190...

Re: Games Similar to CH

I think Celtic Heroes is the only MMORPG that has that simple vibe to it. I tried pretty much 90% of the MMOs on the AppStore and they just not it. On subject of Warhammer Odyssey: https://i.postimg.cc/YCyWWFPQ/B63-DD461-0166-4-C69-9-F12-126-CD1-D1211-E.jpg The only similarities between them is tha...

Re: Admins

Here is a post that was made by the Community Manager yesterday. Hey all, As you know, a shift in priorities prevented us from releasing the proposed update in July like we originally wanted. Right now the dev team is determining which if the planned content will be finalized and released instead of...

Re: Garden Quiver

Sir Simon wrote:Ya i contact support but they said to look on forums, so idk how to complete it still

If you have all the items to complete the quest you genuinely should only contact support within the game as they can turn it in manually for you. best of luck

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