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Diamond Bow

Hello Sulis, I'm looking for a Diamond Bow Lvl 80 requirement, pre-update, if so please respond if you are selling with a price and or mail me at SoulsRangerDPS

XP Lixs

looking to buy 300k worth of xp lixs hmu in game SoulsRangerDPS or mail me :D

Re: For everyone

Yeah I know unfortunately but I'm done myself participating, I mean the competitiveness is fun it's just going to get to a point where the game starts to get boring to me like before i quit and came back

For everyone

For those who don't know me, my IGN is Soulbearer33, I no longer participate with big clans due to the fact there is too much drama and fighting going on in today's game, I'm a very friendly player who will help with anything, I don't sit there and bicker about useless issues with other clans like e...

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