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Goldthief wrote:Buying obsidian bowwwww

My friend has a ob bow, pm him magyk in game

Re: New warrior skills

Hi there! Welcome to warrior :D so the build I would use would be dps which are these skills: ( If I can remember )

Double attack:
Giant Swing:

I would Invested In getting a hammer or an axe ( Hammer are slower but give more dmg, Axe are faster with less dmg. )

3 str
2 vit

Re: -,-

Naaaaaa no one can kill me :twisted:

I went to dragonnite yesterday and learnt dragon rage ( i dressed up as a dragon :P )

So Bring it on

Re: -,-

Yummmm, those ninja chicken tasted goooddddd. 8-) :lol:

So curry got any back up? :P

cuz my katana skills will kick your arse. :twisted:

Plus who are you on lugh???? you play on there right? :?:

Re: -,-

* Slaps Curry In The Face *

Runs Away with all the chicken.

" What chicken am I going to cook tonight :D "

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