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Re: Price check

Epona :
Sigils (5-7k each)
Super xps (1.5-2k each)
Heroic xps (5-8k each)
Hastes (2.5-3k each)
Health and energy (1k each)
Restos (150-200g each)
Idols(50g each)
Chests (20-25k each)
Dragon eggs (2-2.5m )

Re: Celtic Heroes Anniversary

I say
+1Balloons .
+1 on fireworks bigger and better ones.
+1 cupcakes that we cook and give awesome stats(even trolly ones) must be different kinds.

And all legacy bosses spawn every 4 hours like it was an actual event not just carrow!

All I am asking for,
tyvm for taking our requests

Re: Hey

Hello ;)
Welcome to epona the server of wonderful ppl and clans and epic wierd drop system
If u need any help
Some one to chat with
Look for me(DoctorHeals) ;)

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