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Ever frost chest

Wow u guys are bussing heads on these chest ive been trying to get a steed mount for the longest I’ve open more than 2000 chest in epona and never got 1 dark essence I won’t be buying anymore chest that’s ridiculous what the point just a bunch of idols and hp lixes tf

Re: Next dbl plat

I feel same way Coman lol they should give out what we have lost just because it was a bug doesn’t make it ok like u said at the end of the day they got they money so I should be able to enjoy every 15 min of each combo and obviously it not just a visual effect bc the combo boost disappear also so r...

Re: Ulysses Grant Warrior

Ya don’t worry donn is not a server where you work to earn gear if the top ranks in clan like you u get geared if you a popular ch player donn is the place to go get gear and rank up without following clan rules all about favorites there lol why I left donn recently been in arawn for 2 weeks now and...

Re: Platinum

This is just pure bs ive waited and waited and waited im tired of waiting give me a refund i shouldn't have to wait 2 months for 4000 plat i want a refund i dont even want you to give me the damn platnium just give me my money back i will not wait any longer ive emailed more than 3 times ive sent ma...

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