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Skill Tomes: Bless (1) - 2k Defensive Formation (5) - 3k Double Attack (1) - 3k Longshot (1) - 2k Riposte (1) - 5k Shatter (3) - 2k Skewer (2) - 2k Ward of Giants (1) - 5k Rings: Grand Ring of Stinging Swarm (1) - 4k Greater Ring of Defensive Formation (1) - 3k Greater Ring of Shatter (1) - 3k Leave...

Need a bit of help here

Hi guys, I need a bit of help on how to proceed, still a bit of noob with this class. My character Zemit is level 98 Rogue on Balor. I'm using: - full Warden's Armour and Weapon - Flint Quickspike offhand - Heroic Amulet of Rejuvenation - Minor Ring of Riposte - Greater Ring of Riposte - Lesser Silv...

Looking for a new clan

Hey, I'm a level 89 Rogue on Balor and I'm looking for a new clan to play with. I've got full Warden's armour + weapon and i'm looking to get started on Met armour. I'm online for a couple of hours a day and I'll do my best to help out as much as I can. Pm me here, or message in game, character name...

Selling Fashion

Selling Fashion

Pink Glenmor Boots
Pink Glenmor Crest
Purple Glenmor Leggings
Turquoise Glenmor Leggings
Star Dust Yellow Glenmor Top
Yellow Glenmor Crest - * 2
Yellow Spidersilk Leggings
Yellow Spidersilk Headdress
White Spidersilk Top

Ensorcelled White Spidersilk Boots

In game name - Zemit

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