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Hey guys

Hey guys what's up? Sorry to all my crannies, for not being able to log on. My 1 year old niece ran off with my old iPhone and I can't find it. But grats on all the EDL

Re: Edl set achievement

^Being one of the smallest servers since ever, we had been on top of others usually, even in necro kills (same day as Epona, Epona was 5th), after new engine mostly we have suffered more ppl quitting and unable to log (there are still ppl unable to log) and the population become more balanced with ...

Re: Soooooo

Ehedwr wrote:So now Blaze has been absorbed into Res who is left to flame Res on the forums? Grats on selling out guys.

Didnt you sell out and go to Rhia? Lol

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