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Re: alts...

Uk is still there on danu and he tried to scam my cousin but i facetimed him and told that fat dirt poor british idiot to give it back and he did but he keeps trying to scam everyone still saying he will combine the money and share a dagger :lol:

Re: ALL BEWARE!! Detix Scams!!

Speaking of hiding faces 1shot everyone knows u r beatz lol and kristy is right why would u trust an unbrekable with something important like a dagger(or anything worth money). btw this is the origanal garrett and i got on to check forums and the first thing i see is another unbreak scam and i wasnt...

Almost 2 weeks later

In two days it will have been two weeks since i first emailed the admin about my druids pw. And i still havnt got a response ive been patient but im starting to get upset about this snail pace replies. Also 4 days ago i got a pm from a site admin askin for some info so i pmed him back but nothings h...


I have emailed one thumb mobile a total of three times now and havnt got a email back:/ i reaaly need my druids pw back that i forgot and i havnt registered a email for it. Site admin see if u can get me help.

Re: Read This

Fuzz u lucky dog u have 90 degree weather:) where I'm at it's been gettin up to 111 degrees farenheight in Oklahoma.

Re: DPS solo Leveling 90+

atm I have 2025hp and have my cloak ice shards and fire and incinerate almost maxed and have zero points on eshield and I can out dps some people who are still a few lvls ahead of me. Also it's pretty easy to lvl this way because u kill the mob before it hurts u very much.

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