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Goodbye forums

Ok. People of ARAWAN, this is my LAST EVER forum message. :shock: I am leaving the forums to return to the game. :shock: And boy I do not want to miss a single second of the new update! :) Have you SEEN how cool it is!?! :D
Anyway it is my last ever chance to say, GOODBYE FORUMS! ;)

Re: Price Guide

The rebellion has been crushed. I sent the boars a ransom note saying to quit the protest and I would set their leader, Guzzletusk, free! They quit only to find that guzzletusk was alive and well and hadn't been kidnapped at all! HA HA HA! :lol:

Re: Price Guide

Well there are other things in the world other than frags: Tickets: Tickets to race 100g Tickets to a sport 200g Tickets to pvp 1k Slaves Level 1-10 slaves 15g Level 11-20 slaves 50 gold Level 21-30 slaves 500 gold Level 31-40 slaves 2k Level 41-45 slaves 4k Level 46-50 slaves 6.5k Level 51-55 slave...

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