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Re: Cannot Login

if you didnt reopened the game you still could play i played till 20 mins ago but now i reloaded game and yeah.. cant log in :,(

Re: Spaceinvader is not gone!!

and @brooklyn i dont even care who you are and if you dont know me why you opening that post? it was a message for all my friends and clannies on balor and i never seen you so i dont care what youre talking for a bs sorry....

Re: Spaceinvader is not gone!!

just downloading ch now ill be online in the next few mins again and sad to hear that about cerberus :( but im sure Rob anybody still playing or? and if cerbs completely gone i wanna join another loyal clan so whats the best option rigth now?

Re: absense

who am i? anyone know me? lol hardrian if youre online and you see some1 from cerberus tell him that im back about next month pls or someone else ty :)

Spaceinvader is not gone!!

hi guys sorry i wasnt able yet to log on or post anything cause my tablet brokes again and im still waiting for my money to buy a new one so keep youre eyes open ill be back in about 1-2 months from now
and yes greand i know you miss me lol
i cant wait to see my mates and cerberus again :3

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