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Re: Pi Day

I memorize d the first 20 digits of pi, 3.14159265358979323846. On of my friends memorized over a hundred, Albert Einstein's birthdate is 3/14 too: p

Re: what do I do???

Your money yours to say what to spend it on, one thing. DONT BUY A AXE! get a dagger of slaying. And after that dagger of bounty. Belive it or not with the right build at levels of 150+ the dagger gives more damage than the axe :twisted: That's with 800-1k+ str Doesnt actually hit higher, pierce is...

Re: Offhand Weapon

Try get to 160-170k gold, and buy a golden blade of fire or ice, 200 Dmg and 75 str, choose wisely, the one resists the other. If you need energy badly, I suggest the trident, 100 dmg, 45 str and dex, 15 hp and energy regen.
Hope this helped!

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