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Re: Peace on Donn

Id care to say he probably left a clan with clan drops like aggy gear or something.

He could take steps to right that wrong to alleviate the problems id imagine.

Re: Peace on Donn

There must have been something some time that made that rule be a thing. Scar must have stole some drops, or was stingy with drops or something.

Im sure no one woke up and said well i think we should start hating conc.

Re: Best andriod world

Donn is the most advanced on android servers i believe. There are 3 top tier clans, with an alliance between 2 of the clans syndicate and Active. As far as drama goes there is competition for bosses between Syn/active alliance and Concordia but its fairly easy going. Having tried out all the android...

Re: Storm touch bracers.

Yep it is a bad skill, unfortunatly for my build its the only skill that makes sense. My lightning and vines hit so hard another DOT skill like bees wouldnt get enough tics off to make up for the energy cost.

Re: Storm touch bracers.

Im just looking for any brace to improve storm touch. Currently my dps build still uses aggy healer braces. Im looking to boost my storm touch past 35, hopefully all the way to 45 or 50. Necro braces will be a long term goal. Currently im not high enough lvl to use them and donn server cant kill nec...

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