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Re: overpricing

Supply/demand have no effect, on belenus atleast. Chests were only 20k back in the day, now they are up to 45k... and they are way more available now days than they were a few years ago. People will naturally blame the inflation of gold, but what player actually cares about inflation and takes noti...

Re: Gold

How much gold would you guys consider as a lot ? And how much would you say the average person has? I’m a marcher from 2012 now 2018 and I recently xferred in 50m in gold to rosmerta from arawn. But what am asking is, Is 50m a lot? This reads like you just wanted to brag about how much gold you hav...

Re: Spies

Im no rule creator but this is just a friendly reminder, ruining the fun of gameplay for others is against the terms of service, I've seen players banned for that specific reason for stealing kills. That being said, it's probably against the rules to spy on your enemy clan in the way I've been seei...

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