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Re: It's all over

It's never too late to change peoples' impressions of you.

If you truly want them too, stay and make an earnest effort. If there are people you have wronged them work with them specifically.

I do not think you should leave. Just try to be at peace with all.


I wanted to reach out to some friends and clan mates in Ascension. I have a little bit of a dilemma. 1) WORK is difficult at the moment and I generally have limited time to play (Work hours are generally 7am - 8/9pm M-Sat.) 2) I am without an iOS device. This is the big problem . Someone stole my to...

Re: Danus History

Very interesting post. I logged in recently into Danu after a 3+ year hiatus. My history on Danu really began when I wanted to join Defiant but ended up with ChosenOnes. Z, Death, Somar were the heads of Defiant and they had done a superb job. At the time there was no one striving to be the top rogu...

Re: Defiant half? + chosen

If your in Defiant and are contemplating joining, it's not a take-over. It's a merger and everyone will benefit in the end. As tough as bosses are now, we can expect them to be even harder in the update. Certain concessions will be made to accomadate all members but there will also be a purge of mem...

Re: Stats

Thats a fair amount while leveling, if you hit 85+ you should consider going to 1200hp. Also do not be afraid to max distract if your 85+ plus with haste and good dmg.

Lvl 96 Rogue on Danu

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