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Re: Frustrations of a hard working Druid

I never get off of my mount. If you have one with a decent proc it is definitely the way to go. Max novelty ability instead of totem and it's like free travel lixes too. Vines are OP. There is no arguing against that. We get free pots in the form of heals and the only lix we need at big bosses is En...

Re: So long guys

I'm glad for the time we have had together in the game. You are truly gonna go far in life. Keep your chin up and HMU sometime in the real world.

Re: Fearsome Foe Competition - Win rare unique prizes!

Alban Arthan Level 200 Each Yule, the land of Dal Riata passes into the cold darkness of hagalaz to be restored anew. This year the sun god refuses to fulfill his journey at the close of the wheel of the year leaving no place for his successor and the impending spring. His plan is to drain Dal Riata...

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