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In Response to...In Memory of...and Other Miscellaneous Thoughts of a random guy dropping by

Making a forum post like you did on the general discussion subforum is a way to start drama, not a way to fix issues. Ayyyyyyyyyyy, Pavillion here, just presenting a commemoration speech in the good ol' guise for drama. Nothing better than writing this after a post-Thanksgiving "brunch" c...

Re: Merry Christmas Arawn!

Happy holidays Mister Ehedwr, to you and your family! Meet me in-game and I shall give you a taste of some sweet pieces of out-of-season fasheeyon.

What glad tidings to see a jolly post on such a festive event!

Re: How should I play rogue?

Okay, this is very helpful. I just started today, so I'm only level 15. :| I'm putting at least 45 points into dex atm because I would like to make use of the ancient armor set, along with an ancient dagger. The skills that I want to use are Riposite, Shadow strike, Life steal, and Quick Strike (I ...

Re: How should I play rogue?

The rogue is ultimately a balanced class of DPS (damage per second) in both skills and auto attack aspects and survival. However, the challenge many beginner rogues face is distinguishing Dexterity from Strength and vice versa. If you say you are a beginner rogue, I would assume you are in the mid 5...

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