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Re: Can you level as an ice mage?

I leveled up all the way to 217 with an ice Mage. It's not hard but I would recommend leveling with warrior with hammer because your ice magic helps with the blunt lure which I recommend to use. Lvling with someone else it preferred because Ice mages are known for using all skills and having mobs wi...

I returned!!

After a long 6 month break, I'm back!
Hope to have time to be on periodically.
Well hope to see you guys ingame

Your returning Mage


Heroskill wrote:IK i was playing on my smurf with mg1's and i literally ran and headshot people....... I also did a bs shot and double wallbanged someone on dust 2... The person was on cat and I was at ramp.... DIDNT even see him shot randomly and got a headshot with the R8 lol

R8 = awp
Desert eagle = scout

Re: Question for CSGO players

And to make it fair for the Mg's is just deag and scout xD.... And tbh call me an idiot if you want to for saying this... I enjoy playing against other smurfs because I can then learn from my mistakes and look at why they are better then I am XD and what I need to improve more on lol... True better...

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