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SB yellow frost guard
Spooky Yellow Hunter: (and before anyone says unfathomable I know there's atleast 1 set because I sold it to someone 2ish years ago)
Trading both gold and items for them

Re: Cross Platform

Siliske wrote:Shipping out on deployment? Or bootcamp. In in DEP for the airforce and I go in June 28th. What's your ship date?

Navy, Boot camp I ship early August trying to go FMF (fleet marine force)

Cross Platform

Hey y'all I haven't played in awhile due to my iPad mini breaking and I have/had a crap ton of stuff and money spent on the game...well I'm currently on Android and was wondering if/when y'all where going to make this game cross platform honestly was hoping this would've been done since summers comi...

Re: Ranger class

Hey guess what Yakat? I see doctors do they're jobs all the time (as my dad is a doctor) yet I don't go telling doctors how they can improve their job, or try teaching them their own career , lol. Telling us Rangers how to do stuff and what not? lol , this isn't the first time. As a level 118 range...

Re: Str vs Dex lvling

So str is better for faster lvling but more expensive due to res pot spamming (i think) would keeping str at 300 be best or more? I was thinking 300,300,75,rest in vit (around 350) and thats with all the adds (trying to get to 130 and 160,320,75,450 works well but 3-5xps a lvl isnt fun or worth it f...

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