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Re: Un clan français ?

OmeX wrote:No clue what you said but te clan with the most European people is Aequilibrium

are there any french peeps in this server ?
I am druid who wants to practice his english within a clan ! (not a word to wod translation but the the general idea :) )

crashing issues.

the game crashes whenever I want to change locations or even when I tried to open my stats screen and lags a bit shortly after I log on with my toon .
I use an iPad 2 with iOs 9
any solution? It can be annoying when heading to a boss :(

Re: Bored version 2...

asterix was a very special person , he could only breath from his knee . One day , when he lost a battle , he was forced to kneel before his new master . he kneeled , he died , end of the story , cheers .

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