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Re: Looking to buy

PurpleRain wrote:Zac what happened to the black mask I sold you?
Also HEY!!
Sold it a long time ago :( Bad decision lol

Re: Checking in

Betus you noob :p
Crom is still boring as ever but on behalf of at least 3 people (maybe a few more :o) .. we miss ya


Buying any extra greater alchemical vials that anyone may have... I would say pm me here but idk how that works so mail/pm me in game please :)

Re: yo

I can't find an xfer to arawn or I would be there already :p

Xfer to arawn

Hey all looking for a world xfer to arawn... Need 860k, a heroic ammy, and a haste ring transferred there.
Thanks: Zac

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