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Re: I Quit

be0wulf wrote:
Muldar wrote:I'm not going to lie I clicked on that going "What!?! No!"

You got me....you got me good :lol:

Probably your job to make sure nobody quits.

I saw it and told myself, "About damn time!" I clicked on it and I screamed,"NO! Why!"

JK :P Or am I? O:

Re: Do..

Check the Signature. I actually do play legit and many others in the office do too :) Only difference is I put my name out there because I love talking to heroes, explains my slow levelling though haha All good. No problem with slow leveling, just really want to see someone from OTM experience the ...

Re: A game of frustrations

Imma be honest with ya Mulder, when I saw ya making a real convo as a red name unlike the others that make a short cute anwser and leave but you kept going. O.o As for crappy skills, I would say the real problem is the rings sometimes. Like one might add +7 firestorm and +7 ice blast and im just kin...

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