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Re: So that sucked...

VR needs to patch the missing lix glitch asap .-. This is getting really old.
When it’s patched they need to do a 5 no trade hero combo gift as well... won’t make up for the lixs but it will at least be something

Re: No love for rogues?

Oh boy do I love it when threads get off topic ._. 1) just cause you aren’t getting a kill on boss x, where your class supposedly has an advantage, over another class doesn’t mean the other class has to be imbalanced. Could just mean they have a better build than you do. 2) this topic is about drop ...

Buying all chickens!

Serious offer, buying all chickens 10g ea. Will buy thousands of them, pm me here, on line, on band, by mail, or in game if interested.
Or just mail me chickens and i will mail back 10g per chicken plus 10g per stamp used

Re: Medical Marijuana

Nothing better than talking about pot at 2am while trying to fall asleep :lol: Can I just say how surprised and happy I am about how civil this thread has stayed. When I replied to the bot I didn’t expect this thread to last more than a day or two :lol: Let’s keep this going 8-) Medical? I say yes, ...

Re: Global Tavern

Everyone talking about cross server trading is missing a big consideration when talking about economy shocks and recoveries. This consideration is 1) who gets the negatives from the shocks, and 2) who gets the benefits from the recovery. In this case, like with almost everything, the two groups are...

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