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Re: Blue book/bindning

WHO drops these and where can i find? Thanks Bah been a while but it’s the green 5* eye and the red 5* eye. I can’t remember there exact names. Here are their rough locations: https://i.postimg.cc/vmMgDvr7/1-B0-A993-D-7412-4-C3-E-99-B0-5-EEB6-ED00-CA1.jpg Easiest way to find them is to just grab th...

Re: Goodbye from tall

Mystery person wrote:4 moths later... hi sly...silly as ever I seee .sad to see I am a necro poster now hope everyone doin good in game and irl best of luck

I see you have been quite successful at quitting there Tall ;)
Nice to see you though!

Re: Is it even worth

Been around since December 2012 taking small breaks here and there to do other stuff but I would argue CH is worth playing if you enjoy the genre. CH takes time to do it right and isn’t a game you can really jumpstart right to the top in. That being said the community is great, the game play is dece...

Re: Celtic Heroes new server

Let’s all be friendly here please... if you have a Nuada related question just read the subforum or ask there/send a pm directly. Posting publicly like this just causes nothing but headaches for the mods and the rest of us

Mod edit: Hijacking your post to +1 this ^

Re: Beta reward

Skerwald wrote:April... we get Game of Thrones and a new CH update? I don't suppose we're getting any sneak peaks yet?

Watch game of thrones or show up to bosses and other new content...
Sorry but GOT wins my attention :lol:

Re: New mage

Ok, yes I have started that one. Funny thing is the second thing it asks you to do is go to fingals cave, which is where I'm at, so I wasn't sure that it was the main OW quest. What would you say about lixing and partners? Also I was looking at master grim and focus of the seer, and I'm kinda confu...

Re: New mage

Ok, thanks again. Ya, I've never been that far into the cave, I did bounties all the way there once, but got ambushed by pirates before I saw any rooms. I don't remember the main OW quest though, do you remember the first objectives? I can’t remember what the first objectives are, the furthest I ha...

Re: Ice Dragon or Ice Phoenix?

If your clan/server doesnt have any/many ice phoenix then the phoenix will be the biggest dps boost for you without a doubt. If your server has a few active ice phoenix to where there is a regular lure on bosses then the dragon is the one for you. Dragon is purely a dps pet where the phoenix is a f...

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