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Re: Can't log in

It’s currently the middle of the night for VR, I wouldn’t expect the issue to be resolved for a little while.
Probably a good idea however to keep this thread active with the current status of what’s going on so the dev team can catch themselves up when they get into the office in 6 or so hours.

Re: Another weapon from dhino killed after reset today on Arawn

I mean it’s the only logical way to think about it and any game developers that actually cared would easily agree. A very similar event occurred in WoW during a first server kill on the Lich King (25 man raid, using an exploit to remove a serious mechanic from the raid, making it a lot easier) http...

Re: Lets make Epona 2

Working off of “preference” isn’t what makes things successful. Just because you prefer something doesn’t automatically make it the right thing. This game has run on “preference” for far too long and it has gotten us no where. Now VR is developing a new game and as much as I hate to think about it,...

Re: Lets make Epona 2

You are getting the wrong idea about Epona. You seem to think that Epona is a pay to win server which is far from the case. Sure buying plat helps, but someone who doesn’t buy plat can be just as good as someone who does, if not even better than someone who buys plat as long as they show up to many...

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