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Re: Difinitus

Try using the character stuck button at the login screen to get out. It took me two tries but I was able to do it. It’s inconvenient but you should be able to get out and buy plat.

Re: What would you do?

As someone who has participated in multiple server wars, I do have some advice on this topic. I have to agree with Skerwald. Competition gets frustrating, and makes you want to retaliate. But dont. Do not stoop to griefing back, and just keep killing those endgame bosses. People will see your clan f...

Re: Witch Dead

Zkills wrote:
MagickZokaaa wrote:
Zkills wrote:I have an iPhone 8 which has the same processing power as the 10 ,_,

Get a 11 then ,_,

How do I know the 11 will fix the lag ,_,

This is the real quote I swear
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