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Re: Global Castle feedback

Honestly, with this much hate towards the idea, are you guys really going to continue to leave it as it is? VR clearly ignored the importance of doing beta test on top of not communicating with the players. And "amazing team"? Hahaha WHO ASKED FOR THIS CASTLE UNITING MESS? let alone you gu...

Re: is it true

Well.. um.. ur hasty and kind reply does make me look like some angry little kid hahaha
But, thanks for straight up answer, just being concerned with the well-being of the game is all ;)

is it true

Is it true tht otm will no longer have seasonal events? And hence no more event fashes either? (Also heard a rumour otm might bring past seasonal chests back in turn). I like how some things are being updated as a perminent thing.. but.. well if thats true, there goes the fun of buying event chests....

Re: peeps quitting

Yea I am one of the old players too and I am sire all of us aware of the ch typical pattern of events with chests etc. But like I said, those who are new to the game if they cant afford to buy plat or cant manage to farm gold for chests, they eventually quit. Hence, isnt it quite common case where c...

peeps quitting

I know plats are one of main resources of income for otm etc... but scarcity of lixes like sks are making a lot of low to mid lvl people quit the game. And thats bad when otm doesnt advertise the game as much as any other games. Honestly as being at least somewhat high lvl player, i wouldnt care muc...

Re: my account is disabled

Kasey continued to lie and scam peoplr even after scamming a glider off of people. When we all tried to set his/her scum mind, we only got a reply with rudeness and rude language. Lied about all plat items and lied about owning certain items and lied about trading gold and several more... and im thi...

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