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Re: Whats best Tank Pet

My lust is much too strong LMAO. I already have really high def but I can't ever get enough. It's really the combination of HP and Def that I love so much. I might try full dex one day lol. With elemental resist from BT charm already I'd consider 480 Def superior to I believe 250 ish to all elementa...

Re: Whats best Tank Pet

Physical resists are meh, the biggest reason why the salveroot wasn’t an obvious choice for a tank pet. The extra defense is great, makes for a really good stat page, but doesn’t really provide more value than the energy from a Phoenix. A tank who swaps or has a decent shield wall recast would know...

Re: Whats best Tank Pet

I will admit I was not aware that one of the roots had good tank stats. Following this I decided to get one myself to try it and I must say I do love the higher Vit and Def. Though Boar is barely worse. I will post my roots skill boost when I max ability. What it does is boost physical resists to th...

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