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Re: Update

They should sell CH to a soley dedicated team. It's clear they can't keep their promises to support CH.
Unless they have a weird definition of support, theyre unappreciative of the fanbase they've created. Mismanaging it into the ground it's just plain sad.

Re: New item drop locations

Does anyone know if hellforged is on a timer or random? Same for apostate... It's just like apostate. The mob that drops it has an extremely low chance to spawn, but a guaranteed chance to drop it if it ever does spawn. People have spent months farming it continuously without it spawning. Incredibl...

Re: Morrigan

Morrigan runs by dkp clan systems. The Uchiha & senju clans are evenly matched everything changed when the fire nation attacked.

Re: To the OGs who still play

Otm failed us by not differentiating original drops. Compared to legacy respawn drops. I fully understand & empathize with not letting things die off fully from players that just hoard then quit. But I do get the destruction of the value in extremely old reintroduced items. There will always be ...

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