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Re: Warrior weapon question

If you are willing to hotswap. Favoriting an obsidian Pike for double attack skill is an extremely strong option as a low level. Though it does get less impressive the further you go into endgame. The same could apply to your askold axe for example. But eragon is right. As far as using these weapon ...

Re: Xp event extension

The best solution would be for them to host the next 1.5 xp event in the summer time or just when more people are free. It just isnt realistic to demand something of them so soon. I have yet to take advantage of this event as well. So I understand the players who couldn't play because of being busy....

Re: New item drop locations

I doubt all the items have the same drop rate. Or if nothing else, they changed the drop rates. Im sure they understood the game enough to know that the 300 elemental damage brace would be highly desired. And accordingly made it much rarer than others. Though I would rather these have never been int...

Re: Game crashes

iPhone 6 iOS 8.4.

Crashes upon trying to move. In arcane sanctum. All my graphics are the lowest. I can sign in and enter but pressing anything or moving makes the game crash instantly.

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