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80% Rides

Hi, I am looking to buy an 80% mount..... Thats all.

Pm or mail me INGAME (not very active on forums) at Sultai
Thx! :D

Selling stuf

Hey guys heres a list of some stuff im selling:
Haste ring 300k - sold
Fiery axe of triumph 300k - sold
Shadow trident of wrath 350k
Golden crown of energisation 90k - sold
frost orbs 7.5k each - sold

Pm or mail me ingame: Temur

Taking offers

Taking offers on:
Gold shrink charm - SOLD 100k
Full black pirate - SOLD 200k

No stupidly low offers. PM or mail me ingame or on forums

120 Auto Rogue

Hey this is my lvl 120 auto rogue lookin for some comments :D Gear: Full met armour 100 fiery axe Shoreline dagger (til i get cruel knife) Jewellery: Sunshard dmg ammy 30 cold dmg misc Royal wyrmtail brace (hopefully get aggy braces soon) Royal wyrmfang brace Royal coldsteel ring Royal firefang ring...

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